About – Daylom & Vovo Upholstery



Daylom & Vovo Upholstery was founded by Bill Soady in 1958 and is one of the oldest upholstery companies in Australia.

Combining his love for the upholstery trade and a fascination for helping people preserve their fondest memories of their loved ones, is why Bill established the business.

“With money being as tight as it is, people can't afford to keep buying new furniture,” Bill once said. “When we quote them just how little it can cost to reupholster or recover an item, they realise they can keep those old favourites for years to come.”

Bill's determination to deliver above and beyond his customers' expectations helped propel the burgeoning small business into a prominent name in Australia upholstery sector. While restoring furniture remains the core service of the brand, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery also offers customers the opportunity to save a dollar or two, which has resulted in more referral work.

In the 60 years since business started, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery has become a name synonymous in Sydney's upholstery industry and has even expanded its offering Australia-wide.

Today, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery is owned by Daniel Goodman, and continues to operate from its Arndell Park workshop in Sydney's west. Daniel's grandfather was a upholsterer himself and Daniel is continuing the family tradition. Daniel also shares Bill's tradition delivering a final product that exceeds the customer's expectations and a willingness to take on all upholstery challenges.

Whether it's reupholstering a sofa, an armchair, dining chairs or even a seat cushion, the team will study each furniture and its constructive materials inside and out. Daylom & Vovo Upholstery's great attention to detail is what the business was founded on and why it embodies by the following motto…

Furniture is our lifeblood and Upholstery is our speciality. Our attention to detail is second to none!