Commercial - Daylom & Vovo Upholstery


Commercial Upholstery

With over 50 years of experience, we are fit to do any commercial upholstery job, small and big.

We provide free quotes. We have done custom furniture and re-upholstery for:

  • cafes, restaurants and other dining spaces
  • dental and medical rooms
  • library, office and school furniture
  • waiting rooms, reception and lounge furniture
  • upholstery in clubs and bars
  • gyms and health clubs: benches and all other soft parts
  • cinema, meeting hall and auditorium seating
  • retail spaces, mall and shopping centres seating
  • other commercial and public spaces

We work with both classic and modern furniture, we can also build custom furniture: lounges, ottomans, soft benches, etc.

We work with interior designers and owners to restore the original look or give the soft parts a new style.

We also fix structure and mechanical parts of furniture, e.g. recliners.



Commercial fabrics: cloth, vinyl and leather

Getting expert advice is key to making sure you’re getting the proper materials for your work environment.

For example certain materials are much more suitable for hygiene-intensive places like a dentist or doctor’s benches or chairs.


Other work environments like a restaurant benefit more from cloth, vinyl, or leather upholstery coverings that can endure an immense amount of wear-and-tear while also making for an easy clean-up in the event of spills or crumbs, allowing valuable tables to be turned around in quick order.

If you want to keep your operating costs in line then it’s not simply a matter of acquiring commercial upholstery materials that match your décor – proper expert advice will steer you towards those coverings that will ease your day-to-day operations while prolonging your furniture investments.

We have a great range of commercial fabrics to suit your needs and requirements of your environment:  hard wearing, washable, fire rated, mould resistant, bacteria resistant, outdoor and others.

We service all of greater Sydney and Blue Mountains area.