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How to choose seating for commercial space

Seats form a significant part of your café, they complement and enhance the visual experience of the place. Seats should be selected carefully and assistance of the interior designer is strongly recommended.

Patterns and buttons on seats look nice but are difficult to maintain: uneven surface and tiny spots in sewing and button spaces are perfect storage for crumbs and liquids. Wherever drinks are served, drinks are spilled. Liquids will gather in dents and holes, it can also get through sewing holes inside the seat, and if that happens often, the seats will become smelly soon. Plain seat is much easier to maintain and will last longer. You may want to look at our patterned fabrics to retain integrity of the structure and add a bit of twist.

Backs are safer for patterns and buttons as they are usually less exposed to spills and gravity helps with removing the spill before it gets through the cuts.

Choosing a pattern for your upholstery is another challenge: you’re only limited by your imagination and budget. You can choose many fabrics in different colours, different shapes and patterns, include buttons (same or contrasting colour), or insert your logo.

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