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Interior Design

Interior Design

ave you been doing a little window shopping? Flipping through interior design catalogues and magazines in the search for a new look? Daylom & Vovo can help you achieve that look through our wide selection of upholstery fabrics – and possibly at a fraction of the cost of some of those designer pieces of furniture.

Giving Your Home a New Look

One of the hurdles you might have to overcome when installing a fresh new décor in your living space is trying to figure out what to do with your heirloom or antique pieces.

You want a more modern feel for your space, but you don’t want to get rid of the pieces of furniture that hold a sentimental value for you and your family.

Reupholstering to the rescue! We’d be more than delighted to go through the new environment you’re trying to create and then aid you in picking just the right blend of colour and pattern for an upholstery fabric that will help that treasured older piece of furniture blend right in.

Likewise, we can also help you paint the woodwork (or remove paint to reveal the wood’s natural beauty) so that it makes for a better fit.

We’ve also been asked by interior designers to consult on a number of other fabric and colour-related searches for:

  • Window treatments.
  • Cushions.
  • Furniture repair.
  • Footstools and chairs.
  • Outdoor furniture fabrics and materials.

Upholstery Fabric for Your Workspace

The home isn’t the only place that needs the occasional sprucing up.

Now that you’ve moved your designer vision out of the home and into your workplace you’re going to have some further considerations when you’re looking into covering materials.

How much traffic will your furniture see? This will impact the durability of the material you select.

Is hygiene an important issue? In the case of doctor and dentist offices, as well as businesses concerned with food, you’ll want an upholstery fabric that makes for a quick and easy but thorough clean-up in between customers or clients.

You may also want to look into how colour schemes can affect the moods of your business’ visitors, and how some colours will put people in a better mood to buy.

It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it? Not to worry, we’d be delighted to help you out. We have over 50 years’ worth of experience in consulting with interior designers to find the upholstery fabric that fits your work or living space just right.