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Comfort, colour, and quality can all have an effect on a student’s ability to learn. Whether you’re looking to furnish dormitories, fit out classrooms, or dress up various common areas our reupholstering Sydney team can help your school make the grade.

How Colour Can Help You Learn

Back in 2002 a study was published by the American Psychological Association that delved into the exploration of how colour can aid in recognition memory.

There have also been plenty of studies that show that different colours incite different moods and behaviours.

What all of this boils down to is that the patterns and colours that are chosen for your school or university’s furniture palette can actually play a part in aiding your students in their studies.

With that in mind it only makes sense that you should get an expert opinion on your pattern and colour when choosing your reupholstering Sydney team.

Happily, we here at Daylom & Vovo have over 50 years’ experience in not only the craft of building, repairing, and reupholstering furniture, but also in consulting with interior designers in choosing palettes and patterns that can best serve your institute or business’ goals.



Comfort and Quality – Reupholstering Sydney

Another aspect of your school’s furniture that needs its due consideration is the level of comfort. The furniture required for a classroom actually has a fairly narrow comfort range.

If your furniture is too soft and conducive to a relaxed state then your students are going to have a much harder time to keep from nodding off.

On the other hand, furniture that is too rigid and uncomfortable will result in a classroom full of fidgeters who will be spending more brain power on trying to find a comfortable position as opposed to taking in the lesson of the day.

The final consideration is quality. Students aren’t particularly known for showing respect for the furniture that they use. Dorm rooms, class rooms, common areas, even offices can go through a lot of wear and tear in a school year.

You want to create an environment that is conducive to learning, but at the same time you don’t want to have to shell out for new furniture every year. Reupholstering can help.

If you’d like to look into how reupholstering can keep your institute’s décor up-to-date and perhaps ease the strain on your school’s chequebook then please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 02 9636 7414, 0458 746 578 or to get in touch via our contact page.